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About Us

My name is Shane Cockman, owner of Borrowed Vessels Beeworks.   I and my family live in the Reelfoot Lake area of NW Tennessee.  Over the last several years, I have read and studied every bit of beekeeping information I could get my hands on and, to be honest, have many times been overwhelmed and sometimes very discouraged by the sheer volume of methods and ever changing opinions out there.  But being prodded and pushed ahead by a love for all things "honey bee", I have arrived at and settled on a very simple, pleasant and yet effective way of beekeeping.  It's what I like to call (and has previously been called by others) - honeybee stewardship.  The methods I use are not at all new but rather quite old and well proven.  This site is dedicated to sharing what I have learned and am practicing, and thereby, I hope to help others experience the same joy and pleasure I receive from keeping  honeybees.

Reelfoot Lake- a stones throw from one of my apiaries.

My first and guiding principal is the quality and health of the colony.  I feel that a well protected environment in which to exist is basic to the long term well-being of the colony and, consequently, should be of special concern to the beekeeper.  Therefore, my focus is on thick wall beehives, giving special attention to the Layens style of hive.

Thanks again for your visit, and we look forward to your returning many times in the future!