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"Keeping Bees With A Smile" by Fedor Lazutin

This book details the management methods used in The Modified Layens Hive.  An excellent, well reasoned yet simple read. I highly recommend every beekeeper own this resource - it is the one book I reach for over and over again.

Available at Horizontal Hive

"The Buzz about Bees" by Jurgen Tautz

An amazing wealth of information and some of the best bee photography you'll ever see.  Principals of the hive that every beekeeper should understand and utilize in their beekeeping decisions.  Worth it for the pictures alone.

Available at Amazon

"Constructive Beekeeping" by Ed H. Clark - Download for Free HERE

The hive as an evaporator/condenser instead of a ventilator.  A very compelling read for the open minded beekeeper.

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"Garden Plants For Honey Bees" by Peter Lindtner

What are my bees foraging on now?  What plants should I be incorporating into my garden?  This book list plants by their bloom schedule while showing their nectar and pollen yielding values for your bees. Many years of research, coupled with excellent photography by Mr. Lindtner, make this a very helpful resource.

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