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Custom Hive Stand Plans


2 - 2 X 4 X 10' Treated

Approx.  32 - 3" Galvanized Nails or Deck Screws


Miter Saw, Hammer or Drill



These first 5 pieces are square cut on both ends.

              2 @ 22-1/2" - Long sides of top frame

              2 @ 17" - Short sides of top frame

              1 @ 16-1/2" - Cross brace for legs (not pictured)


The next 2 pieces (leg braces) are cut with a 31.6 degree angle on each end.  These angles run in toward each other.

2 @ 24" (Longest point to longest point.) - Leg braces



Lastly - the 4 legs are also cut with a 31.6 degree angle on each end except these angles run the same direction.

4 @ 19"  (Long point to short point.) - Legs





Start with the top frame.  22-1/2" pieces fit inside 17" pieces.

Next, with the top frame standing on edge, fasten two legs to the short side of the top frame.  Using a couple of scrap pieces of 1-1/2" thick lumber under the legs help to keep every thing even while fastening.

Make sure that the top of the leg is flush with the edge of the top frame, while the leg contacts the bottom edge of the long side of the top frame.   

After both legs are attached, place one of the leg braces on the inside of the two legs.  Align so that each end is flush with the outside edge of each leg and fasten into place.



Turn  the top frame over and repeat legs and leg brace assembly for the other side. Once all four legs and both braces are in place, center the cross brace between the two leg braces and secure into place. Stand is complete!