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Installing a Langstroth Nuc

Installing a Langstroth Nuc into The Modified Layens Hive is definitely possible and really quite easy to accomplish. Because of The Modified Layens Hive's additional depth, the process is very simple.  It does requires the use of a conversion topbar (free plans here).  The steps are as follows:

  • Remove Langstroth frame from the Nuc and stand it on end.
  • Using two 2" screws, attach the conversion topbar to the Langstroth sidebar.
  • Hang joined frames into The Modified Layens Hive.
  • Set Nuc with leftover bees in front of the hive and allow to migrate inside.

Sound easy enough?  I recently help a local group install four 5 frame Nucs into Modified Layens Hives. After demonstrating the process to them by installing two frames myself, they took over and completed the rest of the 4 installs without a hitch.  They were very eager but completely new to beekeeping and yet had no issues with the installation.


Empty frames were placed in the 3, 6,and 8 positions between the Langstroth frames, followed by the division board.  As new comb is drawn out the Langstroth frames are relocated to the back (honey stores area) of the hive and eventually fazed out.